5 Ways to make Christmas 2020 as special as ever

5 Ways to make Christmas 2020 as special as ever

There's only 51 days until Christmas!! Sorry, it had to be said!

With more lockdowns, loo roll shortages and confusing BoJo conferences to come, I wanted to pull together my top 5 tips for making Christmas 2020 as special as possible.

2020 might feel like a wash out but I won't be letting it spoil my Christmas and neither should you!

1. Get organised

Make like Santa and write that list, check it twice and keep it handy!

Whether it's a note to order your Christmas dinner, get stamping your wrapping paper or check the last postage dates for sending gifts to family abroad.  By being organised and having a list to check off as you go, you can feel on top of everything and be sure of a less stressful festive period.

2. Make it personal

After the year we've had, take time to find extra special gifts for your loved ones. Really think about what they'd like or need and then head to your favourite small stores and marketplaces to buy your pressies.

I'll also be buying gifts for people I wouldn't usually this Christmas, as I think having an extra little surprise under the tree will be so wonderful this year. We all need a little more joy!

3. Get in the mood

We might not be able to wander around the shops, wrapped in a scarf, listening to 'Last Christmas' but we can still make online shopping full of festive fun.

Pull on your comfy PJs, cosy socks and favourite blanket. Light that candle, play your fave Christmas tunes and sip on hot chocolate, whilst you browse your favourite websites and make it a fab festive evening. I would say sip on mulled wine but I do not recommend shopping whilst tipsy - who knows what will arrive with the Postman!

4. Me Time

The festive period can be super stressful and this year could be even more so. So, plan in some time for yourself. Whether it's a lovely walk in the woods, a long soak or an early night with a good book. It's more important than ever to take care of yourself, so that you can take care of those you love.

5. Spend it with everyone you love

We might not get to drive over to see Aunt Betty or our best mates from Uni but we can still check in with them virtually to have a good catch up and wish them a wonderful Christmas. Why not pop them a gift in the post in the run up so that you can tuck into the same box of chocs or 'share' a bottle of bubbly during your FaceTime or Zoom.

I hope you find these tips useful and here's to a wonderful Christmas 2020! x